Tuesday, October 18, 2011


I have been thinking alot about purple lately. I just love that color. Deep, dark grape purple just sends me.
Maybe it was the pairing of purple with Halloween decorations that got me in the mood, I don't know. But I came home from work the other day and decided, just like that, we were going to have a purple powder room!

This is an arrangement of silk hydrangeas, and beaded "peacock" feathers I put in a glass tile purple and turquiose vase and set on the back of the toilet. When I use a toilet seat cover for extra color I always put them on the front of the seat. I don't know about your house, but it is a cinch no one here will put the lid down so that the color will show!

I painted the oil painting of lilacs myself, more years ago than I care to remember, and I always kept it because of the purple color, with beautiful lime green. The basket has a lovely purple ruffle pillow with a smaller off white roll pillow with a really nifty Mardis Gras mask perched in between. I hung a turq lantern for a tea light and left my old granite ware pitcher. I still want a clock by the lantern and the perfect frame hung with purple satin ribbon on this side of my painting.

I hope you enjoyed my purple moment! I will give you the updated photos, as I find the finishing accessories!
Hugs and confidence,


Sunday, October 9, 2011

Alrighty then....

I have long wanted to have this blog. Then....I did what I do. What if it isn't perfect? What if people think I'm stupid? Do you know Mr. Whatif? I don't much care for him. I need to evict him from my mind thoughts!

So, here we go. Here are a few photos, (which I have not learned to perfect) of my fall dining room.
The other really scary part of doing this is trying to teach myself how to navigate through the whole computer process! See I already need to learn more about placement of pics and text....so much to learn!

What I really want to share is this: I just can't exist on the planet without constantly trying to create beautiful spaces and places for me and my family to enjoy. So, I'm going to being to try to share the little that I know with you in the hopes that you too will have spaces filled with love, good food, and the family that you love!

Next up:
 Individual punkin pies
Mini haunted house for trick or treaters! (complete with witch)

How I Did It:

Tablecloth from tableclothes.com
The gold napkins and placemats, from Dansk awhile ago
Sunflower plates, Pier 1
Red placemats and napkins, Pier 1
Candles and mirrored candle holders, Fred Meyer
Silverware, San Remo, from Horchow
Clear Goblets, Macy's clearance
Gold bubble goblets, Lord only knows
Napkins rings, Pier 1

Hugs and confidence,