Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Hocus Pocus....

Have any of you seen the movie, "Hocus Pocus"? It's an oldie. But one that I watched with my kids every single year at Halloween time.

Now, traditions being what they are, my kids have incorporated this movie into their Halloween tradition. Which is fine by me. Halloween is a big deal for me. Not because I have some sort of ritual attached to it, but because it is a great excuse for me to dress up, act up, and try to make some fun for other people. And that folks, is kinda what I am all about. Making an excuse for a party so that we can all get together, be happy and spread good feelings! And let's not forget, make an excuse to get creative in our homes and menu!

If you are familiar with the movie, Billy is a Zombie that used to be Bett Midler's characters lover. ( Iam about to destroy the English language, so bear with me please)

This is my youngest son who is playing "Billy)

I had a better pic, but it is on my phone, gosh darn it.....I tweeted it!

This is us, my alter ego as the Wicked Witch from the "Wizard of Oz" and my sidekick.....

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday, and I will see you soon! Still coming with mini pumpkin pies!

Hugs and confidence in all you do....


  1. I love "Hocus Pocus"! I just watched it on TV the other night. You and your son made a wonderful wicked witch and Billy. I bet you had a great party! When my children were little (before I'd ever heard of the movie), they told me about a movie they had watched at the babysitter's house about three witches who "eat" children. I just about flipped! I thought the babysitter was letting them watch a horror movie! Long story short - I ended up watching the movie and enjoyed it so much that I promptly bought our own copy, and have since watched it about a gazillion times!
    Have a great weekend! ~ Mary

  2. Yes, we love Hocus Pocus! They are so funny and the costumes and the house decorations are incredible and inspiring. Your costumes were great! Scary yet fun!

  3. Love your cute oarty the more stuff...I am your newest follower...come on over for a visit...phyllis

  4. Oh we also love Hocus Pocus and your son looks amazing in custom! grandaughter who's almost 8 in June, loves it, the younger 5r does not, lol...
    Thank you for asking about my dishes. I used to design them in my husband's former Ceramic Co. he owned for 30 years, but he sold it 4 years ago. We sold all the dishes we had, I made 14 designes inspired in the Ecuadorian Indian's embroidered clothing, which they're usually full of color in the different regions and in this particular place in the north, they embroider in blue and white. Unfortunetelly there are no more of these dishes in the market. Thank you for your lovely and kind visit. Happy Sunday.